Computerised Bookkeeping


This is a service Tiger Support offers, BUT people/businesses sometimes want to maintain the records themselves, regardless of time needed to do this, as it’s a way to keep costs down. We understand this completely.

Just a word of advice – Do it right, and you can bring down your yearly bill with your Accountant, as less preparation and reconciliation work is needed. This way they spend less time on your records and should pass the saving on to you.

Tiger Support can help in a number of ways with this:

1/ Complete your bookkeeping as part of a monthly Accountancy Fee, which covers the upkeep as well as the yearend preparation. The standard of bookkeeping provided by Tiger Support enables us to charge a lower fee than most/if not all Accountants close by. This way you will save fees even if you hand over Bookkeeping, as cost is quite often covered by yearend saving, so you benefit by this and of course free up your time!

2/ Take up the Computerised option – I specialise in all Sage Software, so if you still want to maintain your own records, let me help you choose a software, they are all becoming accessible on the cloud, so I can even log in and check every so often and make sure you’re ok. From as low as £10+VAT per month you can have software that works, maybe basic, but is still ideal to save you time and money. As little as £100.00 will get you some training with me.

Tiger Support is proactive and wants to help you save money, especially from the Taxman wherever possible!!

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