At Tiger Support we strive to offer a high-quality, professional service at an affordable rate.

Each service can be provided on it’s own or part of a package and will be tailored to your business. Fees can be fixed in advance or charged on an hourly basis for time spent on a project.

Payroll Bureau

Using Sage Payroll Tiger Support can take all of the stress of a payroll department from you, leaving you to concentrate on what’s best for growing your company.

The service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Maintain a manual wages file and software account for your business
  • Register with HMRC as agent, in order to maintain your PAYE account and form submissions
  • Take care of all new starters and staff leavers with P45’s and P46’s
  • Record all payroll information for file and software
  • Staff holiday planner available
  • Deal with all calculations, examples being SMP, SPP and SSP
  • Process Payroll weekly or monthly, providing payslips for staff and wage summaries for Accounts
  • Producing a payment schedule for you to pay your staff
  • Dealing with PAYE submissions and letting your know the amount to pay and by what date
  • Completing Year End P35 for your business and P60s for your staff

Management Accounts

Tiger Support will produce a set of Management Accounts consisting of a Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Review Notes on performance. These will be, depending on agreement, produced monthly, quarterly or yearly.

There are a number of ways this service can be offered to your business, they are:

  • Coming into your business and using your own accounts system. We will check all ledgers, make adjustments as necessary, enter monthly General Ledger journals which effect Depreciation, Prepayments and Accruals to name a few, as well as produce the Management Pack
  • If Tiger Support maintain your bookkeeping and other services, we will extend these by linking the services together and completing the General Ledger journals to produce the Management Pack.

Self Assessment Tax Return

Tiger Support offers two types of service for Self Assessment Tax Return and Tax Calculations, depending on which details you already have prepared.

  • Preparation and completion of the Tax Return using the Accounts prepared by Tiger Support or from records and calculations provided by yourself, we will of course in your best interest, check these details, ensuring you pay no more tax than you need to. From this we will submit the completed Tax Return to HMRC and provide the you with copies and guidance of the payments to HMRC. Or:
  • If you have all the details ready, we can offer a ‘submission only service’, with a Tax Return checklist; again aimed to save you money, ensuring you pay no more tax than is necessary.

Accounts for Soletraders & Partnerships

Either from computerised, manual or incomplete records, Tiger Support will produce a set of financial accounts for your business that can be kept as a record of financial affairs and/or as a starting point to calculate your tax for Self Assessment purposes. These will consist of a Profit and Loss Account and a Balance Sheet at the businesses year end – normally a 12 month period.

Accounts and Tax Returns for Limited Companies

Tiger Support will provide a set of Financial Statements for your records – also included in this service is yearly filing with Companies House. The Company Tax Return will also be completed along with submission to HMRC. With deadlines involved Tiger support will take all the stress away from you and diary the events as and when they happen and be ready to meet these within agreed timeframes.

General Bookkeeping

Whether you have manual or computerised records, Tiger Support can help with all your bookkeeping needs. We can maintain either system and if you have manual systems in place can offer a service to transfer to a computerised system along with training.

Bookkeeping Services consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Cash/Bank ledgers balanced and reconciled
  • Sales Ledger updated and maintained with invoices referenced and filed
  • Purchase Ledger updated and maintained with invoices referenced and filed

VAT Return Preparation

Tiger Support can take your information from either manual or computerised systems – or from incomplete records – and calculate your VAT and process your return. This can be forwarded to you or submitted on your behalf. Please note that from April 2012 the majority of businesses will have to by law submit these returns online and pay electronically.Tiger Support can do the submission for you and inform you of the amount you need to pay and when.